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Welcome to Monster High!
We are a fan group based on the Mattel series "Monster High" and are dedicated to art that is about and inspired by the series.

When you get a message about your devianation being declined then you should be able to view the submission and ask why is was declined in submission processe's comments. If this is to hard for you then you are supposed send a note to the group, which is located on the group's front page.

:bulletblack::bulletpink:Group Rules and Guidelines :bulletpink::bulletblack:

Base Usage: We do not accept base work, except in very specific cases where enough effort has been put into the art that it is nearly indistinguishable from the base. This is the quality acceptable for base work.

Art Theft: Art theft is not tolerated in any way, shape, or form; All art which is stolen will be declined from the group and reported immediately, members may also be removed from the group for art theft. dA is for sharing your creations, not sharing something cool you found on Google.
Design and character theft also apply to this rule.**

Art Quality: Effort is expected from all of our members, from newbies to pros, so please keep that in mind when submitting and only submit work you are proud of. Art that does not appear to have effort put forth will be declined. This applies to all forms of art, such as drawings, photographs, and writing. To be honest we do not expect you to be the greatest artist on the world, but we do expect you to actually try your absolute best when drawing. If you don't then you most likely won't make it far in the art world let alone this group.

OC Quality: One of the main thing any group looks for an oc to have before accepting them is character. You not only need work hard on your artwork, but you must also try hard in creating your character. There are many people out there with great art, but terrible OCs. There are equally as many people with bad art but great OCs. f your stuck just ask for help, criticism helps people progress and be able to change. You can also search for tips and guides on making a great oc. Alittle effort, hard work, and research can get you very far. Here is a fangtastic guide that can help you out imensely in creating an oc

Suggestions to featured: We only accept high quality art in both our Featured folder and our Featured Favorites. Please keep this in mind when submitting. Only the best of best artwork is allowed there, and is usually picked by admins.

Dealing With Sour People: We have nearly 2000 members and we cannot personally police what they do on your page, for this reason please make use of dA's block feature in the appropriate circumstances and report when necessary. We will not accept journal entries about how someone is bugging you and comments regarding the subject will be marked as spam. For your best interests, please practice common sense and good internet safety. That being said, if anyone is found consistently trolling/being rude to our members they will be removed from the group.

Showing Respect to Admins: This has to be our number one rule. Just because you don't agree with the way the group is run or the group rules and policies does not mean we will change it for you. You are not that special, you are just another member. Everyone however is entitled to their own opinion, whether or we decide to value that opinions is our decisions. Your suggestions are however appreciated, but only when they are asked or brought about in a polite manner. Otherwise you have no right to throw a fit, because yet again in all honesty, we won't give a shit.

Cross-submitting: Each folder contains a description for content; art submitted to the wrong folder will be declined. Admins will not tell you what you did wrong unless you ask, nobody had time to constantly advise every single misubmitted devianation, so this method makes it easier on admins. If you are unsure which folder your deviation belongs in, please ask an admin by using group notes or comments.
In cases where there is a problem submitting to the correct folder, please comment, or note the group, with links to the deviations you wish to submit and an admin will help you.

Journal Submissions: Personal journals are not accepted to the group, this includes advertising anything not Monster High related. This means advertising contests or commissions which have nothing to do with Monster High is not allowed.

Mature content: This group accepts artwork that is mature in nature. We ask that our members be respectful of those who chose to create that content and that those who chose to create that content respect the wishes of other by marking it as Mature Content if it deserves to be so.

Untolerated Content:First and foremost we want to be a friendly and welcoming group; therefore we will not tolerate art which spreads a hateful message towards any specific group. We also do not accept work that involves incest or inappropriate age differences with minors (such as teacherXstudent), photo dumps (mass amounts of pics of the same thing that barely differs from each other.), any highly offensive content, incest, character/design theft, very poorly drawn pictures, or very poorly made characters. Your submission might also not be accepted if we just plain don't like what we see. We reserve the right to deem other things inappropriate for our group and decline them.

Age Acceptance: dA is meant for users 13 and up, any members of our group who are found under suspected to be below this age will be removed from the group, reported, and banned.

**Because of the nature of Monster High, many characters with similar parents will overlap, but this does not necessarily indicate character/design theft. Please do not go around accusing people based on similarities due to parents. Here is a useful guide to character/design theft

By :iconchizeropa: and :iconchamomilecatastrophe:
If you have any questions please ask.
Founded 4 Years ago
Jun 4, 2010


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So the Monster High universe keeps expanding, now we even have fusions, but there's still so many types of monsters left in the world.
Is there a specific monster you're hoping will show up? Or even just a folklore origin you hope they'll explore?

On a side note, I'm bringing back member advertisements.  Last time, it got really cluttered and complicated looking, but I've figured out another way to do it without such a mess.
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digihearts75910 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Hi there!
My niece is a big fan of this series so I'm trying to learn more about it.  What other books similar to Monster High do you also enjoy?  
ChamomileCatastrophe Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student
Hey there!  I haven't read the Monster High books, but if you haven't checked out the sister series Ever After High, I've heard good things about those books c:
digihearts75910 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Thank you for the recommendation!  I will look into it.
My niece's teacher has a requirement of reading twenty minutes a day, so I'm looking for great books she'll enjoy.

Perhaps could be a good journal question?

Thanks for listening!
MysteriousKirsty Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Student Photographer
Thanks for Accepting me. Huge Monster high fan :D Hi all!  I have a question, which folder does handmade/customized clothes for MH go into? I keep looking but I cannot find the folder. 
ChamomileCatastrophe Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Student
The "Freaky Fabulous Creations" folder is for custom clothes and all other MH inspired crafts c:
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